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CHOPIN - Features
year of release2010
genre of musicClassical music
publisherAkordeonus Publishing
number of discs1
packaging typedigipack
Price:15.00 EUR
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The album contains a LIVE recording from LA FOLLE JOURNEE in Nantes. It was captured in the most audiophile manner possible - on a two-track tape recorder, without any sound processors in the signal path. The sound is truly documentary, very close, full of audience noise, and even conversations among the musicians. The accordions fill the recording space, enhancing the dynamism of the performance and making the listener not just an observer but almost a participant in this spectacle. It's worth having this album on your shelf and listening to it not only on anniversaries but whenever you want to experience Chopin in an unbuttoned tailcoat, but with a head full of brilliant ideas. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! MACIEJ ŁUKASZ GOŁĘBIOWSKI

Source: Hi-Fi i Muzyka 1/11 /26th January 2011


1. Prelude E-major Op.28 No.9 /F.Chopin/
2. Nocturne c-sharp minor Op.Posth No.20 /F.Chopin/
3. Prelude c-minor Op.28. No.20 /F.Chopin/
4. Waltz c-sharp minor Op.64 No.2 /F.Chopin/
5. DJ Chicken /Motion Trio/
6. Mazurka C-major Op.24 No.2 /F.Chopin/
7. Waltz a-minor Op.34 No.2 /F.Chopin/
8. The minute Waltz D-flat major Op.64 No.1 /F.Chopin/
9. Silence /J.Wojtarowicz/
10. Prelude e- minor Op.28. No 4 /F.Chopin/
11. Waltz F- major Op.34 No.3 /F.Chopin/


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